Full Stack Deep Learning

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Online Course!

Our mission is to help you go from a promising ML experiment to a shipped product, with real-world impact.

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The paid learning community option is full and registration is closed.

In Brief

Ten week online course

A community of learners (capped at 250), weekly lectures and assignments, capstone project reviewed by peers and staff, and ongoing discussion in Slack.

Polished by experience

We have taught hundreds of learners in person, and thousands have viewed our lectures online. We constantly improve our materials in response to learner feedback.

Updated for 2021

– All PyTorch
– AI ethics and explainability
– Much more on data infrastructure
– Deep dive on ML testing and monitoring
– Many updates to infra and tooling


Josh Tobin

Founder of Stealth Startup, Lecturer UC Berkeley, Former Research Scientist OpenAI

Sergey Karayev

Head of STEM AI at Turnitin, Lecturer UC Berkeley, Lecturer University of Washington, Co-founder Gradescope


Just search Twitter for "Full Stack Deep Learning" and see what people have to say!


We start posting videos on February 1. Assignments and discussion for the online class begin on March 1.
We will be happy to refund you at any time, for any reason.

Free Version

  • Lecture and lab videos

Learning Community


  • Lecture and lab videos
  • Slack workspace for learners, instructors, and teaching assistants
  • Weekly graded assignment
  • Capstone project reviewed by peers and staff
  • Certificate of completion